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New 1/2 body form sculpted by Petrick

This form requires the front legs below the knee joint and skinned for half body.  More unique forms coming in 2022.
center front sneak.JPG
right side sneak.JPG
left front sneak.JPG
right side sneak 2.JPG
Stan halfbody 4.JPG
Antlered_Deer Half Body_Wall_IMG_2830.JP
Stan halfbody 3.JPG
Antlered_Deer_Wall_Half Body #2_IMG_2829

Artificial Velvet

artif velvet dayton 4.jpeg
artif velvet dayton 3.jpeg.jpg
Tony Deptula buckdoe best

Wall Pedestals 

Left Turn
Right Turn
Antlered_Axis Deer_IMG_2893.JPG
Antlered_Axis Deer #2_IMG_2891.JPG

Full Shoulder

Left Turn
Right Turn

Backpack Dead Mount

Antique Gray Stained Backpack
backpack mount antique front view .JPG
backpack mount antique .JPG
Dark Walnut/Mahogany Stained BackPack
Backpack side view.jpg
Whitetail backpack mount.jpg
Clear Oak Backpack
sika deer backpack.jpg
sika deer backpack front oak.jpg
Antlered_Life Size Deer #2_IMG_2803.JPG
Antlered_Life Size Deer_IMG_2802.JPG
Antlered_Deer Rug_IMG_2810.JPG
Antlered_Deer Rug #2_IMG_2809.JPG
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