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sidwell turkey.JPG

   Just wanted to say thanks again for doing such an amazing job on my first public land Tom turkey! The color and the details you were able to achieve truly shows how much you care about these mounts! Your communication and workmanship are first class and second to none. I couldn’t be more happier with this Tom. As one of your first customers some 40 years ago the 11 year old that was excited to drop off his first pheasant the now 53 year old was just as excited to drop off his first turkey! Both birds are prized possessions and will continue to be enjoyed for years to come! Thanks so much you are a true artist!

- Bill S., Wilmington DE

cox buck.JPG

This was not only my first compound bow buck, but my first shoulder mount as well. Surrounded by creatures from all over the continent and globe my locally harvested deer stood out like a sore thumb to me when I walked in Bill's shop.  Bill’s attention to detail is an art that cannot be replicated by many, and I will be using him to create my living art for years to come.

Thank you 

- Andrew Cox

nick snakehead.JPG

"Thank you Bill for your time, I was a little nervous being I’ve never seen a northern snakehead mount, the fish is beautiful and better than I expected. Worth every cent and second of the wait. Bill's work will be a part of your family forever! I'm now a repeat customer.."

- Nick LaSpada, NJ

young 21 .JPG

"Bill your work is top notch. I have tried the rest and I have found the best."

- Jason Young

newman woody.jpg

"Bill takes the time to get to know you and finds out exactly what you are looking for in a mount. He is very honest and knowledgeable and always does tremendous work. His waterfowl mounts truly are a work of art. You work so hard to get that special species and Bill makes sure he works just as hard to provide a lasting memory of your hunt that will last and can be enjoyed for many years to come. I will continue to take all my trophies to Petrick Taxidermy."

- Don Newman, NJ

"Bill is not your average taxidermist.  If you spend five minutes talking to him, you will learn more about game animals than you would after watching a year's worth of hunting shows.  Bill is an artist with a deep appreciation (bordering on obsession) for recreating game animals in their natural habitat.  His mounts are so lifelike, so indistinguishable from a living, breathing creature, that you need to see it to believe it. 

Bill captures the glory of game animals by focusing on movement.  A buck in rut, snorting and turning to you before taking its last breath.  A pheasant taking to the air just before the shot.  Bill achieves the illusion of life through the little things.  The hide is soft to touch; the ears alert but not spooked; the eyelashes and whiskers manicured to perfection.  These often-overlooked details make all the difference.

Bill has a long wait list for a reason.  His work speaks for itself.  I can't recommend Petrick Taxidermy enough."

-Joe Sparco

"I just picked up the biggest buck that I have shot so far since I’ve been hunting…., and let me tell you what pictures do no justice! The detail and quality is incredible!! I have known Bill Petrick since I was born basically!  My father has taken every deer and other game animals to him for a reason! Because no one can do a better job! I knew after getting this deer that it was going to Petrick Taxidermy!! Thank you so much again Bill you once again did an amazing job!!!

- Brian Cisowski, PA

"My first project for Bill was an Alberta color phase black bear. Well worth the wait. Will be sending more work his way."

- Dan Episcopo

brent smith.jpg

"First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the amazing mounts. From the first conversation on I knew that I was in the right place. Bill is not only unbelievably talented but his passion and attention to detail is second to none. On any trophy I harvest there's no question on who I will be taking it to for the mount."
Brent Smith

-Brent Smith


Bill was great with communicating with me while he was working on my deer.  I am happy to have not one but two deer done by Bill now one just as great as the next.  He is great at his craft.

- Dean Maccarter


It is refreshing to work with a professional who has a passion for their craft and produces pure quality. A short conversation with Bill and you will quickly realize that you need not look any further for a taxidermist. The passion he has for his work and ability to communicate taxidermy best practices instill a confidence that your trophy will be treated as such. Years of experience and a strong commitment to his trade have culminated in a quality of work that is not only unparalleled, but a true value.

The search for a taxidermist is driven by a desire to memorialize an experience and preserve a trophy. There is a trust exercised by the customer and Bill respects this relationship, following through with a commitment to craftsmanship that produces a product that anyone can proudly display for many years.

I have been fortunate enough to have three deer completed by Bill so far and look forward to (hopefully) bringing him many more in the future!  Thanks for the great service!

-Kevin Boylan - PA

wood flying.JPG
Olaf Wall of fame.jpg

Thank you again Bill,

The wood duck is another gem to the flock here. Like always you exceeded my expectations and knocked this one out the park. Perfection after perfection.

- Olaf Kaminski

cullen brown.JPG

Awesome workmanship, well worth the wait, since good art takes time!  Realistic and accurate fish mount done for our grandson has memorialized his first significant catch.  Thanks much, Bill, for your work on this.

-Ellen Cullen - PA

Mike B bear.jpg

  I just wanted to thank you for a fabulous job on my brown bear. I will highly recommend your service to all my hunting friends. Looking forward to sending some more work your way on my future hunts. Thanks again.

- Mike Bartsch, PA

Here we are again, another predator we took to Petrick Taxidermy and as before, not disappointed at all.  Bill took our idea and preserved a mount we will enjoy for a long time.  His attention to detail is what makes the mount stand out.  The eyes are what everyone comments about.......from kewl to so spooky, but we love it.  Bill, Ann and I are beyond pleased on how "Tod" turned out, a gorgeous mount.
I have to say it again, head to Petrick Taxidermy to have that trophy of a lifetime preserved, I assure you, you will not be disappointed."

CW4(R) Bernie & Ann Milyo

Wilmington, DE


Bill absolutely killed this mount. I came to him with a pair of mallards and an idea and he more than delivered. It looks better than I ever imagined. The detail he put into the birds and even the wood they are mounted on is crazy. Pictures don’t do it justice. It looks great on my wall and everyone wants to know where I got it done at. Can’t say enough about Bill and the work he does. Simply amazing.

- Matt Lowe


Petrick Taxidermy is by far the best taxidermist I have come across thus far. Bill’s attention to detail, explanation of the process, and his ability to listen to the customers expectations makes him one of the best taxidermist around. Thank you for such a great job.

-Robert S.  NJ

Barry Smith.JPG

Bill has done two mounts for me to date.  He is very detail oriented, and his finish product is lifelike in quality.  Bill is very professional, and you will not be disappointed in his finish product.

- Barry Smith, PA


This is my 2nd deer I had Bill mount for me. Just like the 1st deer I was not disappointed. Great work, great instructions on care. I won’t use any other taxidermist.

- Norm Comfort, PA


"When I was first referred to Petrick Taxidermy I knew what I was getting myself into and boy am I glad I made the call! To me, Bill's work truly differentiates from other work I have seen in the past. It's not just a mount, but a forever long masterpiece that speaks the courage and honor Bill has for his work. To look at my mount and think to myself, “How in the world did he do this?” I am very much proud to say my mount is from Petrick Taxidermy and I can promise he found a customer for life! Great communication and great work. Until next time Bill and thank you so much!"

- Devin Delviscio, PA


 I drove 50 miles to see Bill,  He did an awesome job on my fish.   I've been to three different taxidermy in my life.  35 years experience shows his great work.

Thank you Bill.  Can't wait till I catch my next big one.

- Joe Gatton, PA

poole pintail.JPG

"Not being originally from this area, I had to resort to an internet search to find a taxidermist for mounting a drake pintail. This was an important trophy to commemorate my first retriever’s first duck season, so I wanted to make sure I found the right place. When I visited Petrick Taxidermy, Bill very quickly put my mind at ease. He was very informative about the process and some of the extra detail he puts into his work to make it both beautiful and durable to last the years we expect out of our mounts. He answered every question I had and gave me useful information for handling future trophies. Being a fellow hunter, you can feel his passion for preserving memories of the special days we spend in God’s creation. Every mount has a story, and Bill did an excellent job preserving the natural beauty of my pintail, so that story can be remembered and shared with others. I highly recommend Petrick Taxidermy, and will be a repeat customer, God willing."

-Austin Poole


"Over the past few years Bill has done a handful of mounts for me.  Ranging from whitetail, turkey, snow geese to the most recent chukars. Every single mount is AWESOME!!!!
Would not even consider taking a trophy to another taxidermist. Everyone who sees any of Bill's mounts are impressed.  Even non hunting friends appreciate the beauty of these trophies which says a lot about your work.
Thanks again for another awesome mount."

-Jeff Perry

bd woodys.JPG

"I want to thank you for the fantastic work that you did on my Wood Ducks.  It was well worth the wait.  They are a work of art.  Your craftsmanship helped bring those beautiful birds back to life!"

Bill DiNardo
Wilmington, DE

Antes .JPG

"Bill, thanks for doing such a good job on the buck. The neck muscles and appearance are very lifelike.  The mounting is excellent and it will always be displayed with pride.  I am very grateful that I was referred to you and will pass your name along to others who want to have a trophy mounted."

-Scott Antes

RG marlin after 1.JPG

"I discovered this marlin at an estate sale and was lucky enough to purchase it for only $20! I know I didn’t catch it, but I was determined to have it restored. The marlin deserved to be on display once again. I had no idea where to start and I was very lucky to have found Bill’s website.  After looking through his photo gallery I knew he was very talented. This was my first taxidermy experience and Bill walked me through all the steps and explained everything with clarity. He is extremely talented and friendly, and I enjoyed talking with him. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs taxidermy services. I’m very excited to share this beautiful Marlin with my family and friends and I know I will have this fish for the rest of my days."

-Roland G. - PA


I’ve had a few deer mounted in the past by other people, but my recent experience with Bill has been the best by far. The attention to detail he gives to the mount is extremely noticeable in the final product. You can tell the passion he has for his work. I will definitely be using him in the future and will highly recommend him to everyone."

-Dan Tucker

peoples .JPG

I couldn’t be happier with my experience. You’re extremely knowledgeable and do amazing work.  If I’m lucky enough to get another nice buck I will absolutely be returning.  It was a worth every penny.”

-Harrison Peoples


I want to thank you Bill for my whitetail mount, it looks perfect.  Its so lifelike that it looks like it is going to blink. Its not the biggest buck, but its my first and a trophy to me.  Thanks again Bill for helping me capture the moment so I can relive that hunt every time I look at my mount.  Can't wait to bring you another one.

-Mike Huff

artif velvet dayton 1.jpeg

For some, taxidermy may only be a hobby, but for Bill it’s obviously a passion.  Starting at the first phone call to the last there was not one negative thing I can say about Bill.  When I first laid eyes on my deer walking from behind the bushes to the day he was hanging it on my wall, I still can’t find a difference in any way shape or form. Thank you Bill for giving me a memory I can share forever.

-Kevin Dayton, NJ

krafft landing goose 2.JPG

"Good day Bill. Just wanted to send a message about how pleased I was with your services in mounting my trophy goose. You were highly recommended by several of my friends in Delaware. Their recommendations were accurate. I enjoyed meeting you back in January 2021 when I dropped off the goose. I appreciated your knowledge of your skills at that time. Now here in September; I want to say that you have more than lived up to your reputation! The finished product speaks for itself! Excellent job! I have been fortunate to have a good number of mounted species including some water fowl, and the quality of your work has bested them all! Rest assured you will be recommended to anyone making a request!! Thanks again for the great service and a job well done!"

-- Jack Krafft, Coudersport PA

bernie bobcat.JPG
Michl .JPG

Sportsmen, Sportswomen, Sports Youth if you're reading this then you have looked at the best taxidermist in Delaware and his ability in preserving  your trophy forever.  Take a look at my once in a lifetime bobcat trapped in the mountains of Northeast PA.  I went to Bill, excitedly told him of the story, explained what I was looking for in the mount.  Having never had a full mount of a predator done before we discussed options, came up with a plan and now I have one of the best mounts on my walls.  His beautiful work and attention to detail is amazing.  Bill, Ann and I are beyond pleased on how "Roxy" turned out, an absolutely beautiful mount.

Head to Petrick Taxidermy to have that trophy of a lifetime preserved, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

-CW4(R) Bernie & Ann Milyo
Wilmington, DE

 “Bill was amazing to work with. I had no experience with how taxidermy worked, and Bill took the time to explain and break down each step. The finished mount was amazing! I look forward to bringing the rest of my deer to him.”  Thanks again!

-Nathan Michl, PA


 “Bill comes highly recommend.  From the first call for service to the final call for pickup extremely professional. Bill takes extreme pride in putting out top notch work that will last forever. He explained the whole process and the difference between good and bad work. He explained why and how he would do my deer. Let me tell you when I seen the finished product it was incredible. He really focused on every little detail and made sure that deer looks just like it did in the wild at the time of harvest. I wouldn’t take my work anywhere else, truly a great experience!! Thanks Bill for the great work!” 

-Mike Franchetti


"I was recommended to Bill by a friend. I could not be happier with his work. There was great communication throughout the entire process. I will be using Bill from here on out for all my taxidermy needs."

-George Bannan, PA

woodduck on walnut base.JPG
repro lmb w minnow.JPG

"Bill, you've made a hard to please guy happy. I demand the best and you delivered. The attention to detail is spot-on. This deer truly looks alive!
which I believe is lost in most mounts.
I've waited some time to write this trying to find flaws in your work. The only thing that I keep noticing is now the rest of my trophy room looks nothing like what I just hung up. Couldn't be
More pleased.
Hope to see you again soon

 -Larry Shafer, NJ

“Bill is an artist. His work on my drake wood duck really brought it to life. I would recommend Bill’s services to any hunter.” 

 -Will R., MD

"Another great mount from Petrick Taxidermy. He has done 7 deer and and my biggest large mouth. Can’t wait to bring another this fall. Always fantastic service.."

 -Dan Lorentz, PA

"I am very happy with my buck mount Bill did for me.  The mount looks great in my den and gets many compliments.  Bill was very professional and explained his process very clearly.  He always responded to messages quickly, and he delivered in the time frame he estimated.  I will definitely recommend and return to Bill for future mounts."

 -Andrew Dunn


"Bill at Petrick Taxidermy did a great job working on my deer! It was my first deer and he helped me through the entire process. He answered all my questions and provided very good customer service. Would highly recommend Petrick Taxidermy."

 -Rob Whitaker, PA

"This was my first buck I ever had done.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience working with Bill Petrick. The details of the mount are very well done and look amazing.  I am extremely happy with the mount and experience.  I will be returning as a customer to have more mounts done in the future.  Highly recommend Petrick Taxidermy for anyone looking to get work done."

 -Ryan Kilmon

"I want to sincerely thank Petrick Taxidermy for the handling of my biggest buck to date. The care and attention to detail really raises the bar with every piece of his art. Another fine addition to my trophy room. My first 11 pt of 2019 and my second 11pt of 2019 is in the works."

 -Paul Dimarco

avila luna.JPG

I can say that you do a great job buddy .. I’m so happy with the results on my buck the details you put into it it’s so good .. I’m so happy that I took it to your place … thank you so much and I hope we can work again with you Petrick great job 

-Avila Luna, PA

sergey home pic.jpeg

Her 1st Pheasant!

It was my wife’s first pheasant hunt as she joined me in my outdoor passion during COVID-19 social distancing requirements. She was speechless when she saw her pheasant mount when we came to pick it up. As always, the master knows his job, the mount came out so real and beautiful, it was breathtaking. Every detail down to single feather was perfectly matched. Bill did his magic again. She already planning for another one to complete the look of her “own” trophy wall, I am sure we will be back to “Petrick Taxidermy“ soon again

-Sergey Rybin

Glitch 2.JPG
gadwall 2.JPG
petrick tax hat.jpeg

Thank you so much for everything you did with our cat, Glitch.

The attention to detail is phenomenal.  We are extremely happy!

Your pride and the care you take shows not only in your work, but it was obvious in all of our conversations also.  Thank you.

-Roger and Robin Linebaugh, DE

Thank you again Bill!! You have a customer for life I hope you know that lol. Your work is truly amazing and I will enjoy them for as long as I’m around !”

-Olaf Kaminski

"Thank you Olaf for sharing your equipment picture after your hunt.  Great camo combination."

-Bill Petrick

gfox 1.JPG
gfox 2.JPG

“Thank you to Bill Petrick for an extraordinary grey fox mount.  Bill has an artist’s eye and his attention to detail is second to none.  This fox is truly museum quality and everyone who sees it comments on how alive it looks.  Bill is a true professional and it is clear that he loves what he does.  Good things happen when passion, skill, and experience come together!

-Jason Pasqua, NJ

bryant 2.jpeg

"Bill has done an excellent job with my duck deadmount! My friends and I agree, his quality is top notch. I feel fortunate to have found someone I can trust with my wall worthy birds.”

-Nate Bryant

Noah Nichols 2019 season.PNG

"CONGRATULATIONS NOAH.  A treasurable moment and memories forever.  Thank you for selecting Petrick Taxidermy to preserve your trophy."

 -Bill Petrick


"My son shot his first deer this year and it was a very special time for us. He was fortunate enough to harvest a beautiful buck and I wanted to preserve the memory forever and decided to get the buck mounted. Bill came highly recommended from my brother in law and I must say that Bill did not disappoint. His attention to detail and quality is obvious and he delivered an award worthy mount. In addition, Bill was very timely and went out of his way to complete the mount for my sons birthday. No need to ever look for another taxidermist!"

 -Noah and John Nichols, MD

"Thank you for a detailed, realistic trophy mount!  It’s obvious great care was taken to preserve the memory of my hunt and thrilling buck harvest. I can’t overstate how happy I am with the quality of your work.  I thoroughly enjoyed exchanging stories from the field and discussing our favorite spots at White Clay!  I look forward to seeing you again, either heading into the woods or, calling on you again at your shop."

 -Tim Humphrey

"Bill does a fantastic job. I had a Turkey and a deer mounted and I can't  say enough. He's very meticulous and treats every mount as if it is his own. Very flexible and knowledgeable of what makes the perfect mount. He works with you so you get exactly what you want. Hopefully, I'll be back soon."

 -Bob Deptula

"BIG THANK YOU to Bill Petrick Taxidermy of Wilmington, Delaware for the fantastic job on my Maryland buck of a lifetime.  The realism is as close to nature as you can get.  He Absolutely looks alive!"

 -Roger Everett, MD

"I am very please with my shoulder mount that you did for me.  My thoughts are wow you took your time and really brought the deer to life. You were very professional and knowledgeable on what I wanted and kept me in the loop the whole time. You even called me to make sure on what I wanted done to the mount.  I would recommend you to anyone that is looking for a well quality mount.  And I want to thank you again Petrick and I look forward on doing business with you again"

 -Jesse Regan , PA


"Bill, I just wanted to thank you again for such great work and craftsmanship.  You really know how to bring the hunt back to the day it happen! For that I will always be thankful.  Like I told you why this deer means much to me, it will never be forgotten just like my brother.
Thanks so much and happy hunting. I look forward to seeing you in the fall!!"

 -Marty, NJ

"I have been hunting for over fifty years and have decorated the walls of my home with several fine mounts. My most recent buck, a 10 pointer, is the most magnificent one due to Bill's extraordinary craftsmanship. This taxidermist incorporates the finest details into his work. His talent is off the chart! I highly recommend Bill to any hunter who appreciates excellence."


 -Larry Brannen, PA


"This man will not disappoint you and you will get your moneys worth and then some.  He made my deer look as if it was in its purest element. He has a magnificent craftsmanship that emulates through his work.  My deer's Nose has remarkable detailing especially in the texture of the vibrissae, the Crotches of the eyes are intrinsic, the Lips seems are flawless, and the Pose of the deer has a beautiful natural element to it. Will definitely be going back and recommend"


 -Ian Jennings

"Bill, just wanted to thank you again for the awesome job you did on my deer. Guys like me work hard to harvest a trophy deer let alone a P&Y buck. It was nice to see someone care about my deer as much if not more than me. The pride that you take in your work really shows. Hope to see you next year with another.  ¿Thanks again,¿"


 -Scott Swarter


"Bill. I wanted to take the time to thank you in making a great day hunting into an everlasting memory.  Making me feel like a life long friend from the start was a tribute to the perfection you put into my trophy. Looking forward to this season thank you. "


 -Frank Armstrong

"Bill, October 2019, I bagged the biggest buck to date.  As a first time mounter I had a decision to make on where to take my deer. I don’t think I could’ve chose a better guy to go with! Amazing quality, a true master piece. I’d like to thank you for helping me preserve my trophy forever. You’ve earned a lifetime customer."


 -John Schaintman

sands deer.jpeg
josh steward.jpg
Tom Frick.jpg

"I was fortunate to harvest my first deer, a beautiful 10 point, during the 2019 archery season.  In looking for a taxidermist, Petrick Taxidermy was highly recommended and it is easy to see why.  Bill was fantastic from my first phone call through picking up my completed buck.  The attention to detail is apparent and the amount of time and care that Bill put into my buck is truly special.  I am blown away by the quality of his work and I am confident that my buck will last a lifetime.  Choosing Petrick Taxidermy was the best decision that I could have made.  I will never go anywhere else and neither should you!  Thanks Bill! "


 -Jeff Sands

"I wanted to mount my first buck and Petrick Taxidermy came highly recommended by Dinenno's Custom Butchering. The mount was done in less than a year at a fair price. When I brought it home, my wife was blown away at how well it was done and Bill's attention to detail. It's now proudly displayed in our family room. I will be bringing my next mount to Petrick Taxidermy!"


 -Josh Steward

"I want to thank you Bill for the excellent work you did mounting my buck. I have 10 other bucks mounted but the one that you did for me is definitely the nicest, most anatomically correct. I really appreciate the time you took to explain the cleaning and care that I should do in order to keep it looking it’s best. No other taxidermist ever mentioned after-care. If I’m blessed to shoot another big one, you’ll be getting my business!"


 -Tom Frick, PA

6lb walleye.JPG
brown trout.JPG
Lorentz buck.jpg
Lauderman trout.jpg
Luke Swift.JPG
Miss Lacey.jpg
Nick Hall 2019 buck.jpg
Greg Dessiger 2019 buck.jpg
G Lauderman bear.jpeg
blackbear pedestal wbase.jpg

"Firstly, I’ll say I couldn’t be more delighted with the amazing work Bill has done to replicate the 26.5” walleye I landed in the summer of 2019. This is both my first walleye and first mount. I’ve had it up on my wall for a few days now, and every time I look at it, I’m sincerely more and more pleased with the craftsmanship and quality of the final product. Bill is truly a master of his craft and will certainly be #1 on my list of where to take any trophy’s I might catch in the future."


 -Chris Mahala, NJ

"Trout can be a difficult fish to mount. I searched online for someone that I could trust. It took some time, but after seeing that work that Bill has done I know I made the right choice.  I couldn’t be happier with it. If I am lucky enough catch another trophy fish I will definitely be back."


 -Scott Stay, NJ

"I have known Bill for several yrs. He mounted all of my son's deer and I was impressed with his work. When I shot my 1st buck ever, I am 72 yrs old, with my x-bow, I knew where it was going to be mounted. He even explained how to put it on the wall and maintain its appearance. Thanks Bill, it looks great on my den wall."


 -Phil Lorentz

"I’ve had several trophies done by Bill. This has included deer, bear, and several fish. There is no one else I would ever trust to do my work. It’s not only his attention to detail but the passion and energy he exhibits towards his work is phenomenal. He will also share his vast knowledge of the outdoors with his customers. "


 -Gary Lauderman

"Amazing work!! That’s the first thing I thought when I saw my son’s deer mounted. This is the 2nd time working with Bill and I can honestly say we won’t go anywhere else. Bill is friendly, knowledgeable and the excitement about his work is contagious! He made the entire experience a pleasure!! He kept us up to date and explained the entire progress which was quite interesting. Bill, the smile you put on my son’s face is priceless! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"


 -Ann & Luke Swift

"Thank you Mr. Petrick!  You have perpetuated our beloved Miss Lacey!  We will treasure her forever!  She seems so real & alive!  You have given her Eternal LIfe!


Much Gratitude & Love.

-MaryJo, Joe & Nickie Naegele, Pennsylvania

I have been a customer of Bill’s now for 2 years. He has done two outstanding duck mounts for me. When I harvested my first trophy buck this pst year there was no doubt in my mind Bill was the right man for the job! Let me tell you he did an outstanding job! I have seen a lot of mounts in my life but there are none that compare to what Bill does. I have never seen a mount look so real that you think it’s going to jump right off the wall! The level of detail and quality of craftsmanship you get from Bill is incredible!
Not only is his work incredible but the quality of customer service you get from Bill is just as outstanding. Not only will you receive text messages about the progress that is being made on your mount, you will also get an excellent tutorial about how to properly care for your mount and also the proper ways to hang it before you leave the shop
From the moment you walk in the door with your trophy  to the moment you walk out with it, you can tell how passionate Bill is about his work. Sometimes I think he is almost more excited than I am about my trophies! I can tell you from first hand experience that if you choose Petrick taxidermy you will not regret it!!

-Nick Hall

"On opening day 2019 of archery season I was able to harvest my first ever full velvet buck. Because I live in Pa I did not have a taxidermist in the Maryland/Delaware area. Bill was recommended by my butcher and because of his wonderful customer service Bill took time out of his day to pick up my deer from the butcher. The knowledge and hard work that Bill puts in to his deer is truly a work of art and far exceeded my expectations. I will continue to use Bill because I know anything that is given to him will be handled with care and created with passion. When we get our trophy back it is something we can look at, remember the day we harvested the deer and cherish that moment for a very long time."

Thanks again for everything you did with this deer.."

-Greg Dessinger,  Pennsylvania

Another one to leave Bill’s shop. It’s not just his attention to detail and quality of work that impresses me, its his enthusiasm and the time he spends with his customer. Thanks Bill, a customer for life.

-Gary Lauderman

"This is my first bear and mount. I wanted the best and Bill did a fantastic job. I was amazed on how he brought it back to life. He is the best."

-Tim Armstrong

aviola dead canvasback (3).JPG

I was recommended to Bill by a couple close friends.  I brought Bill a canvasback duck I shot in Maryland. A first for me. I knew as soon as I met Bill my bird was in the best hands in the industry. Bill was just as pumped as I was to get this mature bird mounted. After a short couple months Bill's turn around time was quicker than I could imagine. And the quality of the product he finished went above and beyond anything I ever imagined. Bill earned a life long customer! His enthusiasm, dedication, and personality were second to none. Great guy, very good with communication and the best there is in my opinion. Thanks again Bill!


-Joe A

flying canvasback olaf (2).jpeg

"Mr. Petrick did an amazing job on my first mount. I’ve never been to a taxidermist before and I’ll never go to anyone else. I value the pride he takes in his work and I’m proud to have his work on my wall!"

-Olaf Kaminski

dan smith bear fsho (2).JPG

“After making less than a stellar shot on a trophy of a lifetime I was nervous about the outcome of my black bear. Bill made my bear look as good as it did moments before I shot it. Even though I am states away, this won’t be my last trip to Bill Petrick Taxidermy”

-Dan Smith
Nicktown, Pennsylvania


Tony Deptula buckdoe best

"I absolutely love my mount that Petrick Taxidermy has created for me. Bill really puts realistic life to my 2018 buck that I was able to get 5 minutes after I shot his girlfriend. I thought I would like to keep that moment. I explained to Bill what I was thinking about and he created a beautiful mount that I should be able to enjoy forever. Don't hesitate to use Bill for your lifetime trophies. He is very talented and will try to do whatever you would like and make it lifelike. I found a taxidermist for all my future trophies! Thank you very much Bill. Happy Hunting!
-Tony Deptula


Anthony Mosloskie_edited.jpg

"After shooting my first buck in the 2019 second archery season I was very excited to get it mounted. A friend of mine highly recommended Bill Petrick for his excellent quality and workmanship. After dropping off my cape and picking out the mount I wanted I got to see first hand of what high quality Workmanship looks like and was amazed on the quality and attention to detail of every animal that was done by Bill and knew that I had come to the right place. I was informed well in advance when my deer was close to being complete and throughout the entire process. I could not believe the detail that was put into the mount as well as the quality of workmanship which is unmatched! I am now a customer for life and will highly recommend Petrick Taxidermy to anyone who wants taxidermy done right with extremely high quality. Bill, thanks again for the awesome job and fast turnaround 5/5 stars!"

-Anthony M


Riley Schmidt deer.JPG

"Over this past year Bill has provided incredibly quick turnaround on a number of projects for me, including this impressive shoulder mount of my 12-year-old grandson’s first whitetail.   Bill’s experience, keen artistic eye and attention to detail is what makes his quality work stand out from the others."

--Kurt F., PA


Brian Sutton.jpeg

"Bill you do very good high quality work and you take a lot of pride in what you do. I give Petrick Taxidermy a five star rating. Thanks for what you have done."


-Brian Sutton

Steve Barnes.jpeg

"I had just returned to hunting in the fall of 2016. Spent many days in the woods until November 2018 when I finally got a beautiful 8 pointer. My butcher recommended Bill Petrick as a taxidermist.  I called on a Saturday and Bill contacted me right away and was at the butcher the next day to pick the cape up. I was kept informed throughout the entire process.  My mount was finished in early February and I was astonished at the amazing quality and workmanship. Bill is extremely focused on giving the best product to his customers.  I would say that he is one of the leaders in his craft and I am now a customer for life. Thanks Bill for such a fine mount."


-Steve Barnes


"I recently picked up my November 2018 deer mount from Bill. As expected the quality and workmanship were excellent. The real bonus is the timing and working with Bill! The text messages with updates were great. Harvested in November and on my wall in February! Thanks Bill!"

--Steve Samluk



"Bill, I appreciate the great work you did on my deer. And would recommend you to anybody, because the closer I look the more impressed I am with your work. I can tell you love doing what you do because you go the extra mile to get the most out of the specimen you are working on.  Whether  it has fur, feathers, or fins I’m impressed Thanks again."



Dan Hailey .jpeg

"I've never had a deer mounted before. I had no idea what to expect but I am totally unequivocally satisfied. The deer looks great and Bill was informative throughout the whole process keeping me posted. When I do it again I'll be a repeat customer which is the highest compliment I can give. I also really appreciated the advice on how to hang it and how to keep it clean. Thanks again Bill."

--Dan Hailey


Braeden I.

"I’m a HS student and new hunter.  I was very excited when I had the chance at this buck and definitely wanted to have him mounted.  My father and his friends use Petrick Taxidermy so taking him to Bill was a no brainer.  I couldn’t be happier with the way he turned out.  I love the realism, his neck, his eyes, and the overall quality of work.  Thanks Bill for getting him done before Christmas morning, I was shocked when I came down the stairs and saw him hanging there."


--Braeden I.


"Bill, I wanted to thank you! The backyard buck as I call him, came to life and brings me back to the hunt every time I see him on the wall. Your attention to detail is unbelievable. I also really appreciated the time you spent going over the details. I never had someone do that before. You can count on this, I will refer you to all my friends, family, and hunting club members here in NJ and PA.  Thanks again!"


--Marty O'Rourke, NJ

C. Burgess

"Bill, it was a pleasure having you do my biggest buck to date and with a bow at that. Wanted to let you know I will be recommending you to friends, and others who harvest, in the near future and seasons to come. I got my deer back in a very reasonable time, and the work was well worth the money for the quality and preservation. I look forward to giving you more business in the future. Again, thank you."

--C. Burgess


G Lauderman

"Bill, Thanks for bringing my trophy to life. I can't say enough about the finished product. It's awesome to see how passionate you are about delivering a quality product. I've also enjoyed our discussions about the passion we share be it either fishing or hunting. I am one satisfied customer."

--G. Lauderman

Archery Dave
F Russell
Kevin H

"Bill, I was fortunate to experience Bill Petrick's Taxidermy this past season of 2018. He was highly recommended. Which he proved worthy of. He did such an amazing job.  He was a pleasure to deal with. I can't stress enough the importance of a quality taxidermist. For me, I want to be confident when waiting for my trophy to be complete. This man achieved that and then some. I know where my future mounts will go. Thanks again Bill."

--Archery Hunter Dave

"A big thank you to Bill Petrick at Petrick's Taxidermy for the great mount he did for my son's first buck. Hands down one of the quickest turnarounds, and best experiences I've had with dealing with a taxidermist. His attention to detail is spot on. I would recommend his shop to all my hunting friends."

--F. Russell

"After having Bill take care of 2 previous pieces for me, (a turkey mount, and a deer hide), I knew his work was outstanding, so when I laid down my trophy buck this year, I knew where I was taking him. On 10/23/18, I discussed with Bill what I wanted to do, and set it in motion. Bill mentioned there was a chance I would have it by Christmas. Needless to say I was excited. On 12/22/18, I get the text on completion. I couldn't believe it! I was amazed at his magic! The realism of this mount ins unmatched Every time I look at it, I swear it's going to grunt at me, and jump off the wall. Thank you so much for your outstanding effort and attention to detail, Bill. You will definitely be getting my trophies from here on!"

--Kevin H.


"Bill, Thanks for the fabulous deer shoulder mounts this year and last. Artistically and beautifully done. Compared to our mounts from others, they are far more lifelike and handsome. We appreciate your skill and attention to detail. We will be bringing you all our trophies to do. Many thanks."


--Kai and Tyler Lasson

Paul D_Turkey_IMG_2634.JPG

"Bill, Thank you for completing my turkey mount in such a great turnaround. I am grateful that you were able to preserve my trophy and allow me to contribute with the barn wood panel. A lesser person may not have allowed their art to be displayed on someone else's piece, but your confidence and results are above par. Thanks again, see you in the future."


--Paul D. 


John T_Lg Mouth Bass_IMG_2621.JPG

 "My son and I were fishing at one of our secret spots, when we hooked up with a 21" Largemouth Bass. We are catch and release fishermen, but this was the biggest bass we have every caught to date. I have never used a taxidermist before, so I went to the internet. We reviewed several local sites and decided to call Bill. He was honest about not being the cheapest, but was confident that we would be pleased with the outcome. It was done in time to give it to my son for his 12th Birthday, who thought it was amazing. I was also very pleased. Bill will be doing our next father and son trophy fish. Thanks Bill!"


--John T.

"Bill was exceptional to do business with. I needed to find a new taxidermist since “ my guy” was no longer doing skin mounts for fish. Bill was just as excited as I was when I walked into his shop with my golden trout. His work is exceptional and my fish looks exactly like it did the day I landed it. He kept me up to date on the process and delivered an exceptional mount just as he promised.  Bill is now “my guy”.

--Gary Lauderman

"When I caught my trophy brown trout I knew that this fish was one that I needed to mount. I called Bill and he was very excited for me and also for the opportunity to preserve my fish. I can tell you that I’m VERY VERY happy that I chose Bill. His work is second to none. What an awesome job!!"

--Tim Stellfox

"After I caught my best trout I knew I wanted to have it mounted. I was recommended to Bill, who took the time to explain the difference between a skin mount and a replicated fish and how to preserve your fish after the catch. I was hesitant at first since I thought I had damaged the fish before I even brought it to Bill. I chose to go with the skin mount after talking to Bill about the process. Just meeting the guy for the first time, I was confident that he was going to do a good a job. When I finally got the call that my fish was ready to come home I couldn’t wait to go down to the shop to pick it up. There’s no way to describe in words how happy I was with this mount. The details and colors of this fish are truly amazing. I am very happy with my trophy and will be bringing my next trophy here!
Thanks Bill!"

--Lucio Pizzini

"Bill has been great to work with and has done a fantastic job now on two ducks for me. He's very responsive and even reached out to me on several occasions to run ideas by on what might look better. The Redhead turned out unbelievable and will for sure be a display to brag about for years to come."


--John Stratton

"Hey Bill.  So I made a plaque out of Red Oak for the 10 point buck that you mounted for me.  It is beautiful!  You did a fine job mounting my deer!  I also appreciate your willingness to talk with me and offer help and advice!  You are a man of integrity and I like dealing with you!  Oh,  and the Wild Boar that you mounted for me 30 years ago; you did a great job with that as well!  It still looks good after all these years!"


--Gary Peterson, NJ

"I approached Petrick Taxidermy looking to preserve my biggest buck to date.
Bill showed me different mounts types and mounting options in his shop, I decided on a pedestal mount. I built a nice pedestal base out of barn wood and Bill was very open and helpful with the process.
The result was everything I expected and more.
One thing I liked was their attention to detail and vast knowledge of taxidermy.
I found the experience absolutely awesome!!!!!!
I would recommend Petrick Taxidermy to anyone wanting to preserve their trophy with quality that will last a lifetime. Thanks a lot!!"


--Gene Riley

"If you can appreciate good taxidermy, Bill Petrick is your man. I have been using Bill for a handful of years and will most definitely continue to take my trophy’s to him. His passion for what he does certainly shows in his work. Bills attention to detail from top to bottom is second to none. Perfectionist, honest, and all around great guy. Highly recommend!"

--John Walls


"Very happy with my Mallard hybrid I had mounted. Bird looks great for how bad I messed up during the hunt. Very quick turn around and a pleasure to do business with. Will bring my next trophy here to get preserved for many years to come. Thank you for the great work."

--John Whitaker

"First time using Petrick Taxidermy. Bill's attention to detail is second to none. As a life long hunter, with 20 plus mounts in my den, the snow goose is right at the top of the list of quality mounts. From top to bottom, the detail in the eye setting, to color detail of the bill and feet are spot on. Without a doubt the most lifelike of all my taxidermy. Wish I would have known Bill over the last 20 years as he would have done ALL of my mounts. He will do all of my future work for sure. Quick turn around time and honest pricing."

--Jeff Perry

I was beyond happy with the work that Bill did on my wood duck mount. He is super professional and you can tell his passion for what he does just by having a small conversation with him! His attention to detail and realism has secured my business with him for every other mount that I want done.

--Nick Hall

"Perfection, precision, and detail. The three words that pop in my head when I think of Bill Petrick Taxidermy. Bill brought my trophy to life. The detail in the rutting neck is absolutely astonishing. My trophy of a lifetime has never looked so alive! Big thanks to Bill for bringing my trophy to life!"

--Stan Zulkowski

"Thank you Bill for a great job on Zack and my ducks. They turned out great. Awesome turn around time."

--Kevin and Zack Walker

"Thanks for the great looking job mounting my first buck, looks so life like on the wall. The wife and kids love it."


--George Sacharok

"Bill thanks again for doing such a great job. I am beyond happy with it and the work you did on the neck is absolutely astonishing. Everyone always compliments the work you did. It is quite the addition to the man cave .

I will most certainly be coming to you for any of my taxidermy needs. Thanks again."

--Ryan Hall

"Thank you so much for the professional help suggesting this beautiful mount.  I can’t stop looking at this buck.  Absolutely beautiful work, and world class attention to fine details.  I hope to see you again in the fall. Thank you!"

--CJ Walus

"I'm a fisherman who enjoys having the lasting memory of a fish mount. Bill makes each fish look like the day it was caught. He listens to what you want and creates it better than you imagined it! If you're not sure what you want, he gives you options and adds his creative touch to make it unique. I can't think of a better way to remember a special fishing trip or a trophy fish. I have a wall of fish and priceless memories. The most recent and one of my favorites, is my grandson's first citation crappie. I'm thankful to Bill for his taxidermy services. I've been a happy customer of Petrick Taxidermy for 20 years and highly recommend him. Best Regards."


-- Jim

"Bill I would like to take the time to compliment you on the Striper/Rockfish mount you recently finished for me. As you know my father contacted you to do the piece for me for my birthday. I must say you are truly an artist with the airbrush gun, the way you painted the diamonds on the seven stripes and blended the iridescence on the cheeks is amazing! I can't stop looking at it and will enjoy this for a lifetime. We look forward to having you do more work for us in the future. Thank you."

--Jason Young

10 out of 10 Service, quality, and professionalism!!  I didn’t know the first thing about preserving this memory for my son. Work was completed as promised and i have received numerous compliments in the quality of work. 

Bill truly puts his heart into his craft. 

Thank you for preserving this memory “


--Beverly F

"I was extremely satisfied with the full shoulder mount of my Wyoming mule deer buck.

The quality is impeccable  to any other mount I own, and the speed at which the work was done was within the time frame communicated to me. \I will certainly be calling upon Petrick Taxidermy for future mounts.

Thank you and best of luck on your future hunts."

  --Jack Speckhals, PA

"Bill Petrick has done an excellent job of Taxidermy for me. Bill’s work on a whitetall deer and just recently a Redhead met all my expectations in terms of the high quality Taxidermy. Bill will continue to do my taxidermy work."


--Peter MacGaffin

"This year I was fortunate enough to take the biggest deer of my life.  I have never used Petrick Taxidermy, but Bill had a great reputation for quality so I decided to give him a shot.  I could not have been happier with that choice.  I have other mounts, but when I see them together with this deer the level of detail really stands out.  If you want to see what a rutting neck/shoulder should look like, Bill Petrick is the man for the job."


  --Joe I.

"Where do I start? A friend of mine had used Bill Petrick’s taxidermy services for his trophies, and when I harvested my buck of a lifetime he suggested I use Bill. From my first phone call conversation with Bill, I felt he was the man to preserve my trophy. Bill didn’t just take my trophy, he took my excitement and enthusiasm to heart and created the most attention-to-detail “Wall Pedestal Mount” I ever thought possible. His meticulous attention to detail is second to none. It doesn’t matter if it’s not what most folks would call a trophy or not, Bill treats it as though it’s the greatest trophy ever.

Rest assured, if you choose Petrick Taxidermy there is no reason to look any further!

  --One Happy Hunter, Brian Jubb

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